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Values that Shape Who We Are.

We encourage people to think for themselves. Christ is the sole head of the church. No one in our congregation dictates what another must believe. All members are responsible for interpreting the scriptures and discerning God’s will in the light of their own personal experiences and in conversation with fellow believers.

People matter most. Our congregation was not organized by people who shared a common religious background, but by neighbors who were committed to living in Christian fellowship with each other. It is the love of Christ, not a shared religious doctrine, that binds our lives together.

We embrace diversity. We don’t simply tolerate each other’s differences. We try to grow from  them. Because we come from diverse religious backgrounds, we have learned the importance of listening and learning from each other. Many of our members joined our church because they felt accepted, not judged. We strive to treat each other with dignity and respect, and we know that we are at our best when we talk openly and honestly with each other.

Values that Shape What We Do.

We are committed to nurturing the spiritual development of our children and youth. Even before our church was built, Sunday school teachers were recruited and began holding classes in their homes. Early in the life of our church, members organized the Woodside Nursery School in response to the needs of young families in our community. We worship in what was originally designed as a multi-purpose room. Plans for an elaborate sanctuary were set aside to build an education wing and meeting rooms for community activities.

We apply our faith to the relevant issues of our day. Though we value our heritage, we are not a church that is stuck in the past. We are contemporary church that strives to translate the good news of the gospel into our modern context. We don’t always agree with each other, but we are committed to struggling together to discern what it means to live faithfully in today’s world.

We share what we have with others. All of us have benefited from the help we have received from others, and our gratitude moves us to help others. We tithe a tenth of our budget to mission and outreach and support many additional programs with special offerings. We open our building to host program s and activities sponsored by community organizations. Many talented people in our congregation participate in a wide variety of voluntary ministries through the church and other community agencies.

Values that Shape How We Do Things.

We value self-reliance. We are a church of “do it yourselfers.” Our members built our church from the ground up, and much of the maintenance and upkeep is done by volunteer members today. The success of our church’s ministry is sustained by the support and commitment of our own members. Our budget, officers, leadership teams, and even our pastors are chosen by majority vote of our members.

We meet people where they are. We have always welcomed anyone who wants to become part of our fellowship. We have few requirements or restrictions. We are not a pushy church, but one that allows people to progress at their own speeds. We provide opportunities for people to grown in their faith and become more involved in the life of the church, but we don’t pressure them to do things they are not ready to do.

Our faith makes us willing to risk. We have never been content to stand still for long. As soon as one project is finished, we tackle the next. We are constantly working to expand the scope of our ministry. Our history has taught us that taking risks is necessary to remain a vital church, and we have grown with every new challenge.