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Wendy Lesko - Christian Education

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Wendy talks about Wendy

I am married with four children ages 12 to 20 who have embraced this congregation as an extended family. Webster UCC has been my home church for 30 years. My original career was in mathematics, but God intervened and Webster UCC became the perfect place for my family to grow and minister together.

My passion is helping children, teens and adults to radically deepen their relationship with Jesus. In children’s ministry we ‘make the connection and see the spark.’  Children learn best when they see the relevance of the lesson. We make the connection between the child’s life and the Bible lesson focus. They discover God’s Word by digging into exciting activities and carry their experience with them throughout the week.

Youth ministry is about the three ships…..relationships, discipleship, and leadership. It’s about youth developing healthy relationships with peers, mentoring adults and Jesus Christ and being empowered to lead or join others in ministry. It’s about experiencing God at work in their life and being transformed.

Supporting small group life at Webster UCC is also about relationships. Small groups meet for the purpose of building relationships, encouraging one another, learning together and praying for one another. It's a great place to explore, ask questions, and grow.

Wendy says she loves her job because...

I love to see the children, teens and adults grow to be disciples whose love of God grows continually deeper.

I love to create programs that engage the congregation and community, where they experience the heart of Jesus.

Kids and teens are fun!

I enjoy creating tools for families to take home and use to build their faith together.

I enjoy ministering along side of my family and friends.

Wendy reflects on her gifts and talents

I am enthusiastic I throw myself fully into everything I do.

I can persevere and I am persistent. I don’t give up. I keep trying to connect kids and teens to Jesus. When I hit a wall, I climb over it.

What others say about Wendy

When I was a kid, going to vacation bible schools was something akin to serving jail time. In those days, the last thing a kid wanted to do during the summer was something with “school” in the name. Wendy organizes an amazing VBS each year. The program is something that kids really look forward to. There are more kids and more youth leaders each year and it draws people from the wider community, not just our church. This is a demonstration of her dedication and hard work as well as her ability to reach out to the community.

Wendy has the gift of empowerment. She has a knack of helping others to see the gifts they have and saying/doing what is necessary to own those gifts. Vacation Bible School and the 40 young people who are in leadership positions because of Wendy’s cultivating an atmosphere in which their leadership can come to the fore.

Wendy’s spirituality is deeply rooted in prayer. She continuously invites God into her life, seeks God’s direction, and inspires others to a deeper level of spirituality by her own example.

Wendy has aligned her daily life with the things that matter most to her. The fulfillment she experiences as she attends to the things that are most important fill her with a joy that is uplifting to everyone around her.

Wendy has the gifts of organization and resourcefulness. She is able to anticipate and arrange a myriad of details that need to be attended to in order to make dreams come true. She has an amazing capacity to bring order out of chaos. Her administrative gifts help diminish people’s stress and make it possible for them to accomplish things they didn’t realize they could do. She can plan for the future at the same time as she is flexible enough to adjust plans she made for the present a long time ago. In December, media pieces which had been prepared for sections in the Christmas play didn’t happen, for some reason. She was able to adapt those segments so that the play came off successfully anyway.