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Guidance Document

Click here for the 2010 Guidance document.

Leadership Council

As of Spring 2010 we envision a new leadership structure. It was first proposed in 2008. The concept was presented at congregational meeting and accepted. It has since been revised and now incorporated into our new guidance document. It became official when the guidance document was adopted by congregational vote in June 2010.

Leadership Council responsibilities

Meet regularly to:
  1. Hear Ministry Group/Team and staff updates
  2. Develop, with input and cooperation of the ministry teams, a ministry plan and budget to support the ministry and mission of our church
  3. Discuss relevant issues, problem solve and make decisions that are not made at the Ministry Group level
  4. Discern the future plans and journey of the church’s  ministry and mission

Approve the following recommendations:

  1. Interim Leadership Council member or Officer
  2. Yearly operational budget

Operations Ministry Team

Community Ministry Team