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Foundations Groups

Foundations Groups at Webster UCC
Helping people learn the basics & complexities of the Bible, develop skills for interpreting scripture, apply learning from the Bible to daily life in today's world, and develop a meaningful prayer life.

An Introduction to the Bible

Are you interested in deepening your understanding of scripture but donít know where to start? Do you find the scriptures a bit intimidating? This group will provide a basic orientation to the Bible using a study guide from the Kerygma series entitled "Your Bible! The Study Begins." Each session will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

Session 1: What Is The Bible?
Session 2: How Did the Bible Come to Be?
Session 3: What Is the Old Testament?
Session 4: What Is the New Testament?
Session 5: How Has the Bible been Preserved & Passed On?
Session 6: How Shall We Study the Bible?
Session 7: What is the Place of the Bible in Our lives?

Contact: Wendy Lesko

Tuition: $12

Tools for Interpreting the Bible

In order to truly discern the word of God in a passage of scripture, we first need to be able to insert ourselves into the world of the original audience. Only then can we begin to explore how the text is relevant for our modern lives. This group will introduce you to the tools of modern biblical scholarship and provide opportunities for practicing the skills needed to faithfully interpret the Bible. Hands on exercises will help you learn how to identify the historical setting of passage, recognize different literary forms, analyze the structure of a passage and explore the implications of the message for our daily lives. Resources for the group will be The New Oxford Annotated Bible and Interpretation: A Guide to Understanding the Bible Today by Richard L. Rohrbaugh

Contact: Wendy Lesko

Tuition: $18

Exploring the Path To Spiritual Growth

Are you yearning for a more meaningful prayer life? Join us as we explore the classic spiritual disciplines of the Christian faith using Richard Foster's book, "Celebration of Discipline" as our guide. Each week weíll practice incorporating one of the disciplines into personal devotions and talk about our experiences when we gather as a group.

Contact: Wendy Lesko

Tuition: $17

The Intimate Journey - God in the Daily Adventure

Are you seeking a richer experience of God in the ordinary moments of daily life? This group will use Joel Warne's The Intimate Journey Book and The Intimate Journey Devotional to discover how our faith is designed to invade every area of life, including the most ordinary. Topics include: Beginning the Journey, Stepping forward into Scripture, Prayer, Purpose & Calling, Self Discovery, Transformation.

Contact:Wendy Lesko

Tuition: $17

If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat-Lenten Retreat

Resources from author John Ortberg teach participants the skills essential to "water-walking" in faith with God: discerning Godís call, transcending fear, risking faith, managing failure, and trusting God.

Contact: Wendy Lesko

Tuition: $25

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