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Children's ministry

Below are some of the organizations that The Children at Webster UCC have supported in the past year:

Ronald McDonald House

Salem Nutrition Center

Cameron Community Ministries

Church World Service

About the Children's Sunday School Program

What’s happening in the Children’s Ministry?

Kids’ Quest Children’s Ministry uses lessons in the workshop rotation model , incorporating storytelling, drama, crafts, games, science exploration, and cooking to present multi-learning-style bible lessons.

Kids’ Quest uses VBS style “One Point Learning” every Sunday,
stuffing a number of bible points into a short lesson usually results in limited retention and low impact on children’s hearts and lives. Each Kids’ Quest lesson focuses on one life –applicable Bible Point and uses a variety of engaging activities to reinforce that message.

Faith Building tools go home with each unit... sparking conversation between parent & child
Sometimes the tools are a projects made by the children. Sometimes they are simple objects such as a rock or a feather. These tools serve an important function in attaching a visual and tactile reminder of the point of the lesson. Jesus often used everyday objects (sheep, stones, and fish) to teach about God and God’s Kingdom.

Just A few Kids’ Quest program Highlights:

Route 45--The older children grades 4 and 5 will champion outreach projects during the year, growing their leadership skills and modeling for the younger children.
Breakfast food collection for Ronald McDonald House
Dinner preparation & delivery for Ronald McDonald House,
Blanket Sunday Fashion Show for Church World Service
Book Drive to benefit a school from RCSD tba
Smores at 7: fellowship time for families of all shapes and sizes
God Sightings news page—reported and written by the children for the newsletter
Acolyte training/refresher will be available this fall and again in January.
ADVENTure lessons during Advent
Special Lenten Unit called GO FISH
EGG group (crafty small group for kids during Lent)
FROG Sunday (Fully Rely on God)
Strive for Five Family Faith activities
I Wonder…
Discover Jesus Event
Good Friday Camp
Vacation Bible School

For more info contact Wendy Lesko

Start the Quest at home!

The Webster UCC Childrens Ministry partners with families to help children become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through prayer, service, worship, Bible study and fellowship.

The "Weekly Challenge" and the Family "Tool Box" equip families to nurture their child's faith at home. Families receive "tools" with each unit that will spark meaningful conversation and activities at home, reinforcing what they "dig up" at Kids' Quest.

Try these simple faith building activities at home!

Learn Together

  • Read scripture together. It doesnt have to be much, but it should be clear that Gods Word is an important resource and part of daily
  • Choose a "Family Memory Verse" and learn it together.
Pray Together
  • Pray daily with your child!
  • Say the Lord's Prayer together.
  • Write a prayer together!
Serve Together
  • Plan a family outreach project
  • Participate in a church sponsored outreach project together as a family.
Worship Together
  • Create a family worship area. Simply include a Bible, devotional book, candle, and comfy chair. Find a devotional book from the family resource center in the Christian Education office.
Be in Community Together
  • Be with your child dailytalking, listening, and applying Bible truths to your lives and theirs.