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Ron Milliman - Director of Music

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Ron talks about Ron

I have a Bachelor of Music in instrumental music from SUNY Fredonia.

I work full time for Wegmans Penfield in customer service and have been the director of music for Webster UCC for 5 years.

I have a wonderful wife Suzanne who presently edits law books for Thompson West. She has a Bachelors degrees in Music and Computer Programming. She is very talented. She plays piano, flute, piccolo and enjoys singing. Suzanne also enjoys doing a wide variety of crafts.

Jenna and Bethany, our twin identical 11-year-old daughters, enjoy singing and making music. Jenna is learning saxophone; and Bethany, French horn. The girls also are active in Junior Scouts.

My music experiences include:
- member of the 62nd US Army band directly out of high school.
- music director for the Fairport Fire Dept. Marching band since 1988
- choir director at Grace United Methodist Church 1990-2002

I am very honored and blessed to be the music director for the Webster UCC. There is a wonderful staff that each use their gifts and call to help make the church learn, grow, and experience Christ. The choirs are very willing to share their time and talent freely. I am blessed to work with such a fabulous accompanist that is willing to play anything I ask and who is very patient during rehearsal times. The staff and congregation are supportive of the music program and each other. The resources are always available for me to choose music for the worship services. There is a great deal of work that goes into planning to help the sermon, digital imagery, and music go together to help enhance and create a positive worship experience. It is not only about making music in the choirs but also a supportive and caring group of individuals that truly care about each other and doing God’s work.

Ron says he loves his job because...

God’s spirit is alive and working at the Webster UCC church.

I enjoy being able to use a variety of style of music at the different worship services. The choirs are willing to share their time and talent. They provide wonderful music at worship services, and I am able to work with a fabulous accompanist whom I admire and get along with real well to make music special for worship.

The congregation and staff are very supportive of the music program through the resources I am allowed to use to help enhance worship services.

The staff are very caring and supportive of each other and it is joy to be part of such a great church staff.

The choirs not only make wonderful music but have become a small group that cares about one another with the love of God.

Ron reflects on his gifts and talents

I have had a great variety of music experiences do draw from. I have been involved with church choirs since I was 6 years old. I have a gift of being able go find music that is easy to learn but yet has a meaningful message. 

I have a love for God and music that is contagious and causes others to want to do their best at making music and caring for one another in rehearsals and in worship.
I try to make rehearsals a time to prepare music but also a time for fellowship and caring for one another.

I have a way of encouraging others to share their time and talent and not discouraging them. I am patient and have a good sense of humor. I realize how important music is for worship and work hard at trying to have the music reflect the sermon and digital story telling.

What others say about Ron

Ron has a real passion for music and it is contagious. A member of the choir once said, “He directs with his whole body!”  When he directs, he has the ability to help people feel excited about the music they are sharing.

Ron also has wonderful people skills. He is sensitive, understanding and respectful of other people’s perspective. That is part of what makes him such a wonderful addition to our ministry team. He is terrific at working collaboratively to creating something better than any of us could do on our own.

Ron is fun to be with because of his authenticity and his humor and his enthusiasm. When you are in a room with Ron, you can’t help feel excited, like something neat is about to happen. When he buys new music that he loves and can't wait to share it with the choirs and Alexa.

Ron genuinely sees the potential in people and loves to motivate, encourage and empower them. Ron gathers humble musicians and releases the power of the Holy Spirit through song.  

Ron’s dedication to the church really shows in the two choirs he directs. Both are full of talented people who are already good singers, but somehow Ron coaxes improvement from them all. In addition, he has played saxophone in church and shown great talent with this as well.

Ron has the gift of musical expertise. Ron’s talents include instrumental as well as vocal music. When requested, he was able to pull together an instrumental ensemble for the September Rally Day service. Though I may have wondered where the people would come from, Ron knew and got what was needed when it was needed.