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Doug Hall - Office Adminstrator

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Doug talks about Doug

I am a stay-at-home dad and member of the church. My kids are in school during the day now, so I’m able to help out at church part-time. When a new office manager was needed last year, I was able to take over.

Doug says he loves his job because...

It makes good use of my “spare time” during the day

It helps my church in ways greater than just financially

What others say about Doug

Doug is willing to attempt impossible tasks. He is often faced with large projects, impossible deadlines and perplexing situations. Doug quietly and calmly gets the job done. The staff often concludes that we should ask Doug because ‘he knows stuff.”

Doug has the gift of computer expertise and problem solving. I am absolutely in AWE of Doug’s office skills and technical knowledge! He especially handles internet issues with an aplomb that blows my mind! When I am screaming and ranting because I’ve screwed things up yet again, Doug very calmly works me through whatever my perplexity is… trying this and that option, until the quandary is resolved; sometimes with even a smile on his face.

Doug has the gift of thoroughness and dependability. I know what needs to get done will get done, and it will be done completely because Doug is doing it. When we were in the midst of the November / December scramble, putting out worship bulletins and mailings seemingly en masse, Doug had each mailing and bulletin ready when it needed to be ready. I never spent a second worrying about whether they would be or not, because Doug was in charge.