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Top Ten Reasons to Come to Webster UCC.

  1. You will feel welcome here. Time and again new members report that one reason they have joined our church is the sincere warmth they felt on their first visit.
  2. We hold differing beliefs. No one is held to a rigid belief system-for example, some of us believe in the virgin birth; some of us don't.
  3. You will find a worship service that speaks to you. We work hard to accommodate those who prefer contemporary worship as well as those who prefer traditional worship.
  4. We are an inclusive congregation that embraces diversity. All are equal in God's sight.
  5. We challenge everyone to grow in his or her faith. From Sunday sermons to study groups, everyone finds a place to learn and grow.
  6. We have a strong outreach program. A full 10% of the church's income goes to those in need.
  7. We have a diverse small-group program. Groups exist for all ages, from kids thru senior citizens.
  8. We reach out to the community. Weekly summer on the lawn concerts (which benefit groups and agencies in the community) draw up to 500 people of all ages. Vacation Bible School welcomes many children from all over the area.
  9. You will have input. Our church is run by the congregation, and your voice will be heard.
  10. We encourage the congregation to join in the worship experience by scripture reading, sharing experiences, announcing programs and activities, preaching a sermon, joining a choir (traditional, contemporary, and bell), serving communion, etc. This includes youth as well as adults.
  11. We have room for everyone, whatever you choose your involvement level to be. You are free to offer what you have to offer with your time, talents, or gifts. We are a group of ordinary people.