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What members say about Webster UCC.

At Webster UCC I find a community which is small enough to make you feel comfortable, warmly received, and recognized, but large enough that there are always new people to meet and get to know. There is a generosity of spirit, with compassion and support for those in need, both within and outside of the church family. People are accepted as the individuals they are, and their contributions are valued.

- Cathy Dolan

Webster UCC is family, friends, closeness to God-not in any particular order. It is the ability of being able to participate in any projects, from Baber Hot Lunch program to movie night. It means being able to go to your pastor and calling them by their first name and not saying "oops I didn't just say that did I?" And being able to laugh during a message, or cry if you need to and get a hand squeeze or a arm around you comforting you.

UCC to me is like a nice warm blanket that every once in a while gets a tiny hole in it to bring us back to reality.

- Norma FitzPatrick

Webster UCC provides both spiritual and physical growth-the sermons guide me on how to combine God's teachings with today's busy life style and the members support and help me to achieve any goal I may strive for.

- June Melville

Having been a member of this caring church community for over 30 years, I can say that many of my very dear and close friends have also been members. The small group opportunities have only enhanced my overall faith journey. It is truly a blessed community.

- Sally Kohler

UCC has always been a place to worship freely and enhance the experience by sharing friendship with others in the congregation.

- Ben Bashaw

Webster United Church of Christ has become my extended family. This family has celebrated the milestones in my life and has supported me through moments of despair. My life continues to grow richer through their love and support.

- Leslie King

My first impressions of our church were how friendly everyone was and how special the music was. I have continued to come because in our faith community, I have found opportunities to grow spiritually through worship, small group participation and outreach ministry. Equally important are the meaningful friendships I have made who support me and my family.

- Carole Kohler

This is the church, here's the steeple, open the door and see all the people is what popped into my mind. It's the people that brought us back to the church when we first attended 30 plus years ago and its the people I still return to see and travel with on life's journey. A faith community helps my faith grow, helps me be mindful of the gifts and talents God has given me, and provides me ways to use those gifts and talents.

- Linda Ims

Caring people in a caring presence. acceptance for who I am, where I am.

- Claudia Bell

I like the people, sermons, music ....the baptisms and children...and all of the special little things along the way!

- Jan Farling

Our church is the place where my spirituality is renewed and enriched every Sunday. It is there where I connect with many of the people in my life that mean the most to me.

- Frank Vavrick

The Webster UCC means home. Like every family, we have plenty of times when we read the paper instead of talking, argue over our choices instead of rejoicing in our options, and grumble about who it was who had to clear the table last time (well, okay, maybe that is just my family!). But the UCC is also where we are glad we went, even if we had to wrestle everyone into the car to get there.

The Webster UCC is where we can go even if we are crying, where people touch my arm and look in my eye when they ask How are you today? Where "Aunts" are amazed at how the boys have grown, and have my boys jump up to help them carry bags to their car. The Webster UCC is where everyone notices when my daughter comes home from college, and when she leaves again. Where everyone knows to give me a hug at both ends of her visit.

The Webster UCC is my confirmation, Dad's funeral, our wedding, the baptism of my brother, my neighbor, my children, Mom's faith and Mom's funeral.

The Webster UCC is where all the adults tell all the kids to slow down or join in, because in this "village" the kids belong to everyone -- our pain, our joy, our worry, our future, our pride and our past.

The Webster UCC is forty years of candle smoke at Christmas and hallelujah sunlight on Easter. The Webster UCC is arguing for peace, calling for tolerance, waiting for patience, and crying for joy. The Webster UCC is my family, and my family is my home.

"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in."
Robert Frost, "The Death of the Hired Man"

- Connor Jane O'Brien

I enjoy Sunday morning service more now than ever before.

- Ron Wheeler

Always smiling faces and friendly words.

- Gyllian Bell

We originally started coming to UCC when our kids attended Woodside Nursery School. The bulletin board was filled with activities, classes, speakers, and programs throughout the community. It was an inviting and warm atmosphere with no concern or judgment about our prior church affiliations. We continue to come to UCC after 25 years, because it feels like extended family. We care about all our church friends and feel so comfortable sharing our 'faith journey.'

- Carole and Joe Roth

Our church has become an inspirational place I love visit every Sunday. Developing relationships with the people here has been a blessing of comfort and support over the years, and the music is fantastic. I love the direction we're headed in with worship, and I am grateful to Reverend Sara for delivering uplifting, meaningful Sunday sermons that help inspire me to think, dig deeper into my beliefs and search for ways to grow and share God's message.

- Janet Bila-Enright

My husband and I joined the church in 1975 as there was an excellent Sunday school program for our children and many activities that we could participate in. The church continues to be most welcoming to all and extremely caring about members and friends. There are so many outreach programs that connect many people in the community to the church. It is a fantastic place to be!!

- Sue Murray

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