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Frequently Asked Questions

When are services?

September thru May ... 9:00am (traditional) and 10:45am (contemporary)
June thru August ... 9:30am (combined service)

Where are you located?

570 Klem Rd., Webster

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Are there separate children’s programs or Sunday school during services? What ages and programs are provided?

Yes, children and youth programs are in place for the 10:45am service. There is a nursery for infants and toddlers that is staffed by one or more church members. Children up through Grade 5 start the service in the sanctuary with their parents. The Pastor spends time with the children as part of the service then they go with the Christian Education leader to work on projects and activities for the remainder of the service. Youth Grades 6 – 8 are a part of the Middle School program which start at 10:45am in the Middle School room. Likewise, youth Grades 9 – 12 meet in the Senior High Lounge at 10:45am.

What is the dress code for service?

We feel that the only aspect of your dress that is important to us is that you're comfortable and able to worship God in a manner that feels right to you. If that means wearing a suit, your favorite jeans, or something in between, rest assured that you'll fit right in.

What missions, activities and community events are offered? What do Webster UCC members do for fellowship and fun?

There are too many to mention them all. There are many small groups and church operations teams. There are also regular community events. Please read the Programs pages for details.

What beliefs and elements of faith do you subscribe to?

Founded in 1957, the UCC is grounded in the ancient church of the New Testament and in historic streams of Christianity in this country, dating back to the Pilgrims and German immigrants in colonial Pennsylvania.

In our church, people matter most. Our members come from many religious traditions, and our personal convictions have been formed by a wide variety of life experiences, so we have learned to cherish and respect the diversity of beliefs that enrich our life together. We are united, not by a common doctrine or creed, but by our desire to embody the same gracious love that God in Christ has shared with us.

What is the service like?

There are two services during the school months of the year. The earlier service is more traditional including choral and organ music. The later service is more contemporary in structure and sound, led by the Celebration Singers and with some projected imagery.

How do I become a member? Are there any restrictions or requisites?

We are excited that you have found a home with us at United Church of Christ! For more information about joining our fellowship of faith, contact one of the pastors. In the meantime, get involved! There's a place for you and you don't have to be a member to participate.

Where should I park at Webster UCC?

There is parking on both sides and behind the Church. The Handicapped Accessible parking is behind the Church.

How do I find the sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is located on the East end of the building. That will be on your right when you face the building from Klem Rd.

What kinds of adult education opportunities are available?

There are too many to mention them all. Please read the Programs pages for descriptions of current small groups. If you don't see what you’re looking for, consider starting a new small group. Contact our pastors or Wendy Lesko for more information.

What are the members of the congregation like?

Jesus didn't turn people away, even those often rejected by others. We don't intend to either. We are like a "company of strangers, made family by the grace of God." This is no idle chatter. The UCC has been bold in extending an invitation to all. For example, our historic denominations were first to ordain an African American pastor (1785), a woman (1853), and a gay or lesbian person (1972).

Is the church available for weddings and other events?

Yes, please contact one of our pastors or call the main office ((585)671-3757) to schedule an appointment.

How is the United Church of Christ different from Catholic or other faith churches?

We encourage people to think for themselves. Christ is the sole head of the church. No one in our congregation dictates what another must believe. All members are responsible for interpreting the scriptures and discerning God’s will in the light of their own personal experiences and in conversation with fellow believers.

People matter most. Our congregation was not organized by people who shared a common religious background, but by neighbors who were committed to living in Christian fellowship with each other. It is the love of Christ, not a shared religious doctrine, that binds our lives together.

We embrace diversity. We don’t simply tolerate each other’s differences. We try to grow from them. Because we come from diverse religious backgrounds, we have learned the importance of listening and learning from each other. Many of our members joined our church because they felt accepted, not judged. We strive to treat each other with dignity and respect, and we know that we are at our best when we talk openly and honestly with each other.

Does Webster UCC offer communion?

We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. We feel that all are welcome at the Lord's table. You don't have to be baptized, christened, confirmed, or an adult. There is no confession, and nothing needs to be said when you receive communion.

Do I need to be baptized to be a member?

Yes, you are expected to have been baptized to be a member of the church. If not already baptized, you can certainly be baptized as part of the process of becoming a member of the church.

Can anyone join or convert from another faith?

Yes, all are welcome to become members of the church.

Is Webster UCC a "born again" church?

No, not in a "fundamentalist" sense. Each person is encouraged to seek and grow their own spirituality and connecting with God in their own way and with whatever support the church and the congregation can provide.

Is Webster UCC the same as the Church of Christ?

The United Church of Christ and the Church of Christ are two polar opposites. The Church of Christ is a literalistic, fundamentalist, reactionary denomination which believes every word in the Bible was, if not actually written by God, at least dictated by God to chosen individuals. The United Church of Christ is not a literalistic denomination. The United Church of Christ believes in the ability of individual Christians through study and exploration to ferret out the eternal truths in the scripture from those human failings which are also present in the scriptures. The United Church of Christ believes no one person or group has a corner on Truth (with a capital "T").

Is the Church handicap accessible?

We have Accessible parking behind the building, and 2 barrier free entrances. There are also accessible bathrooms, and wheel chairs are available if needed. We also have hearing systems available in the Sanctuary to aid the hearing impaired.

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